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We preserve the products that we have procured from pharmaceutical companies for many years in accordance with the regulation and deliver them to the units where we can sell them within the framework of the law.

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Our Presence, For Your Health

We are storing, selling and distributing the medicines of nearly 70 international and domestic companies operating in Turkey. The product created by all original products With our portfolio, we serve pharmacies, private hospitals, clinics and organizations in Turkey and all over the world. Our experience in the pharmaceutical industry for over 30 years We continue to offer innovative solutions in our field.

Accessing the right product at the right time is critical to the health of every patient and the success of every institution. We help you reach health by providing timely access to what you need every day.

Farmacity Quality and Safe Service

Quality and Safe Service

We shape the services we provide with the understanding of high quality and high trust by taking human health as the basis and advancing with the awareness of environmental sensitivity.

Farmacity Compatibility with Technology

Compatibility with Technology

For many years, we have been applying the best and newest systems in all applications by following the constantly developing technology.

Farmacity Experience and Expertise

Experience and Expertise

We provide the most accurate product orientation in line with the wishes and needs of our customers by riveting our expertise in our business with the experience we have gained in the sector.

Announcements and News

29 September

Our Exports Continue at Full Speed

We continue to export in order to make Turkish pha...

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29 September

We work with all pharmacies and hospitals

As of 2021, our sales to all Pharmacies and Hospit...

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29 September

Our New Website Has Been Launched

Our new website has started broadcasting in order...

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